Playout Services

BMI uses an established HD/SD channel playout with advanced graphics capabilities. These include powerful HD/SD character generator which allows the playout of virtually unlimited layers of animated text and dynamically updated text.

  • Fully managed service option.
  • Controllable by the user to give added flexibility
  • Pushes content to playout via remote access
  • Features remote scheduling for content and on-screen graphics

Content Storage Services

BMI provides a standard media storage capacity of 12 TB including data redundancy, remote access and internet speed up to 50 MB for file transfer.

Turnaround Services

BMI can receive/transmit a signal in a variety of standards including NTSC, PAL and SECAM in SD/HD format and convert it to any other standard using state of the art motion compensated cross converters.

  • Uplink & Downlink Services-C and Ku-bands
  • Uplinking of Syndicated Programming
  • Turnarounds-C and Ku-bands
  • Standards Conversion-NTSC, PAL, SECAM

Colocation Services

To provide the best services that fits the expanding needs of our clients, BMI offers hosting and colocation services,

  • Equipment hosting in a secured and cooled rack room.
  • Continuous power supply with UPS and diesel generator for back-up.
  • The reliable fiber and IP networks enabling our customers to have uninterrupted access to their equipment 24/7/365.
  • Remote power management.